The Beginning ?

Is this really the beginning? I have been attempting this for so long, her voice screaming in my head. I knew all along that she was in there but, was it myself or the things society made me believe that told me she didn’t exist, to force her into hiding, to be ashamed of who she is and who I so desperately wanted to be. A lady shouldn’t be dripping with sex and confidence,  She should be quiet and a good listener, She must cook and clean and take care of babies, She is weaker than a man and will always need saving. These are the things some men want us to believe because as long as we believe all of those blatant lies they will always rule over us, we will never be free. Our inner goddess will never be free!!! Well, sorry to tell you this boys but my inner goddess has had enough, she’s  done hiding and she’s ready to come out and play. So, ready or not, here we come 😉


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